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Professionals in some states may need additional licenses to perform mold remediation or assessment services. Window cleaning professionals clean windows, mirrors, skylights, and gutters, among other services. Window repair professionals install and repair widows and may also service skylights, doors, and other types of glass, among other services. The HVAC category is considered an urgent category because consumers will often call an HVAC for time-sensitive, urgent need heater is broken in freezing temperatures.

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The plumbing category is considered an urgent category because consumers will often call a plumber for time-sensitive, urgent need such as hot water outage. For this reason, plumbing professionals undergo an additional level of screening, including service professional background checks. Be the business backed by the Google Guarantee and attract new customers. Sign Up Today. Google Help. Send feedback on Help Center Community Announcements.

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Employment background checks can include a wide range of criteria, such as social media activity, driving records, and a drug screening.

Note that different states have different laws regarding background checks. Background Report is an easy, DIY option for people wanting to start and finish the entire background check process online. Visit their website for more information. Accurate Now offers automated background checks for small and medium-size businesses. The company offers U. More information is available on their website.

California-based GoodHire offers a hassle-free online portal for business owners who need pre-employment screening services. The firm has been recognized for its easy-to-use user interface and excellent customer service.

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GoodHire provides package and quote-based pricing. Click here to get your estimate. The HireRight platform also offers a number of integrations for existing e-recruiting applications. Reach out to request a free quote.

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Intellicorp provides a full range of background check services and will work with you to create a program that meets your organizational needs. With IntelliCorp you also have access to an online learning center full of materials to help you stay compliant in your hiring practices. To get a quote, submit a form through their website.

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  • The personal background check is useful for people who want to know what information is displayed when a potential employer looks into their background. For more, visit the Verified Credentials website. Justifacts has been around since and provides pre-employment screening services to small businesses and enterprise organizations. Each Justifacts client is assigned an account manager to help personalize the screening process and interpret report results.

    To learn about pricing, request more information through the Justifacts website. Based in Marietta, Georgia, Infomart helps clients develop pre-employment screening procedures that are industry specific. Services include verifications, credit history checks, and background reports. Reach out for a free consultation.

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    To learn more, schedule on demo on their website. If you see your business in a big growth phase, you might want to consider something like Onfido. On top of performing background checks for both the U. Background screening companies offer services like basic criminal background checks many services, however, can conduct in-depth criminal history searches , health and drug screenings; Social Security number traces; identity, employment, and education verification; and credit reporting.

    When looking for an employee background screening service, there are numerous factors to consider, including how easy it is to order and review background checks, whether the provider offers the type of screening your business needs, and if it abides by the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We evaluated more than companies before arriving at our picks of the top background check companies for small businesses.

    You can read more about our best picks, why we selected them, the types of businesses we think they are best for and how much you can expect to pay. Fill out the below questionnaire to have our vendor partners contact you about your needs. The cost of conducting a background check varies greatly, depending on the provider you select and the screenings you want conducted. Some background check companies display pricing online; however, many do not, in which case, you'll need to contact a sales representative for a price quote. Some background check providers offer preset packages with specific screenings included Social Security trace, criminal history searches , whereas others offer a la carte options so you can select the screenings you want conducted.

    Most of the services we evaluated offer multiple screening packages; there are different tiers to choose from, typically ranging from basic to premium. The specific price and the services included in each plan will vary based on the provider you choose. Based on our research, we've compiled an average of the types of checks typically included in basic, midtier and premium plans and the average costs for those plans.

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    There often isn't much room for negotiation with the price of a service's a la carte options, but there may be wiggle room in other areas. To ensure you get the best deal possible from a full-service firm, here are five areas where you might save some money:. Ask the provider if you need to sign a contract. If so, review everything in detail.

    Make sure it includes all the details you agreed to and doesn't contain any additional charges. Also check whether the contract has any special clauses pertaining to canceling the service.