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From listing your business, creating your website, building brand, digital marking, you can trust ET Yellow Pages to grow your business. We make it easy for your customers to find you and for you to find other business partners. Personal Care.

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Setup an appointment with our mareketing team and learn how we can help you increase traffic to your business. Click here to get started. Website Development: Present a professional image using your business website, let us help you in building your digital presence with content managed and mobile friendly websites. Our webistes are by deisgn search engine optimized and content managed.

With our mobile application you can have our complete business directory on the go. You can find the nearest resaurants, gas stations, banks and have access to thousands of other local businesses. Get our IOS and Android app today!. Ethiopia's 1 Business Directory. Directory Services Our business directory is not just a list of businesses and phone numbers, we provide a platform for local businesses to easily connect with their customers, manufactures, distributors and more.

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Email Marketing Thousands of consumers and business owners search ET Yellow Pages to find local businesses and distributors like yours. Digital Advertizing Improve your online presence with ET Yellow Pages, we provide targeted advertising, email marketing, website design, and marketing collateral. Find and connect with customers and local businesses From listing your business, creating your website, building brand, digital marking, you can trust ET Yellow Pages to grow your business.

We'd love to hear from you, we value your feedback! Contact Us. ETYP: Accelerate your digital marketing initiative with us. There can be other value-add options that you may want to consider, such as add-ons that would make the listing more visible and more attention-getting for consumers.

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Keep your standard local phone number. If you choose to advertise, I recommend that you continue to avoid using call-tracking numbers for the sake of your overall local SEO healthiness. Leverage geographic placement with directory sites. Business listings pages from online directory sites are often a type of local search results pages.

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As such, there are optimization techniques that can enable your business to rise up in their rankings, just as with the local results in the major search engines! Disclaimer: I do not know the business rules for these sites — they likely differ from organization to organization.

Automated Yellow Pages Scraping with Macros and Scrapebox

Businesses have actually done this to attempt to improve their rankings in search engines, so why not in directory sites, too? Optimize your business directory profile.

Website Building

There are frequently a number of elements of business directory profiles that may be optimized beyond merely checking to see if your name, address and phone number are correct: business categories , lists of products and services, written descriptions, hours of operations, website link, photos, logos, social media links, and more. Your optimization in this instance should be more focused upon making you as visible and attractive within the directory site as possible.

Improve your presence in reviews sites. For business reviews sites, your promotional value is naturally going to be heavily affected by your overall reviews and ratings. Obviously, your overall customer service needs to be excellent already — if it is less than what it could be, beef it up by studying companies at the top of the customer service game, like Zappos. But, there are also things you can do to improve your presence in reviews sites online, such as encouraging happy customers to post reviews, responding capably to feedback, and more.

Be sure to connect your directory listings with your social media accounts wherever possible! Watch your directory listing over time. Revisit the page where your listing appears at least monthly so you may see if conditions have changed since the last time you viewed your listing. Many businesses have hyper-focused on how they rank and appear in Google and Bing search results, and your presence in that top tier of search is definitely valuable and important.

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