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Florida Driver’s License ID Requirements and Renewal Tips

About US. Owners are required to register under IRP if :.

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Government owned vehicles; city pick-up or delivery vehicles; recreational vehicles a vehicle used for personal pleasure or travel ; vehicles operating with restricted license plates; and vehicles operating intrastate miles only. All applications must be typed or printed in ink and must be completely filled out.

Please attach additional documentation as requested on the application. You can comply and keep your regular Florida plate by purchasing a day IRP trip permit for each state you want to operate in.

Vehicle/Car Tag Registration Renewal-License Plate Tag--How to 🚘

This can become very costly, so if you intend to make frequent trips outside the state of Florida, it might be more economical to apportion your truck register under IRP. You can do this by turning your regular Florida plate in and purchasing an IRP plate, through our office at 54th Ave.

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Florida is now under a staggered IRP renewal system. This means that your IRP license plate expires at midnight on the last day of the month indicated on the plate. Enforcement begins at a. There is no grace period under the staggered renewal system. The specific month for your renewal will be determined and assigned by the Bureau of Motor Carrier Services.

Sunshine State Tag Agency. You can only use RenewExpress to process the online renewal for your vehicle, vessel, or mobile home registration s. For questions about your registration such as vehicle details, title name, registration fees, or why you can't renew online, please contact the Tax Collector's Office at or?

Locations - Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles

If you completed your registration but used an incorrect address or haven't received your tags , please contact the Tax Collector's Office for instructions on requesting a replacement at For answers to specific questions please use the Help Topics and Questions below. Send feedback to renewexpress-support grantstreet.

If you can't find your registration, and you have double checked that you entered everything correctly, it may not currently be renewable through RenewExpress and you should try the DHSMV's website. Some vehicles can be renewed for either one or two years.

Motor Vehicles

You can change the number of years to renew using the Years drop-down list. This site can only be used for vehicles registered in this county. If your vehicle is registered in a different Florida county, please click here to find that county's site. Please note, however, that the information we show on the website is from data that the DHSMV initially sends us three months before the expiration date. The data for each renewal will only be updated twice more, with information from the subsequent two monthly files we receive, so any recent changes may not be reflected on the site.