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A typical state background check will include arrests, convictions, driving history, and may include employment history. Some criminal history can be expunged or sealed by the courts so that future employers and others do not evaluate you based on that information. Records eligible for expungement are generally misdemeanors and nonviolent crimes, with the condition that you have not been in trouble with the law for a certain period of time.

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For information on pursuing expungement, see this page. Most court records are public in Oregon. The only records that are not public are records that are deemed to be confidential or are sealed. This means that almost any time a person is in court, there will be a record retained by that court that will be available to the public. Often, this will include marriage and divorce proceedings, civil claims, arrest and sentencing information, and many other court documents.

The Oregon Judiciary provides an easy to use online portal that will show whether records exist, however individuals must request those records from the relevant court either in person or by mail. A fee is charged for copying any public record. Virtually all arrests and charges in Oregon will be included on an official background check.

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Records that are deemed to be confidential, such as when dealing with a minor, or are sealed, such as when an individual petitions the courts to prevent anyone accessing a record, will never be available through a background check. Juvenile records in Oregon must be expunged to prevent them from being accessible through background checks for criminal convictions.

While Oregon makes it fairly simple to get a record expunged, offenders will have to wait five years to begin the process. This means some records will likely be available unless the offender requests records be sealed. It is not uncommon for incorrect information to be included in a background check. Similar names, aliases, charges that did not result in convictions, and many other things can be included in a background check and used to deny a person employment, tenancy, or a loan. Depending on the nature of the incorrect information, an individual may have an easy time correcting information on a background check in Oregon.

If the information is a criminal charge or conviction, contact the local law enforcement agency for assistance. Credit history should not be included in most background checks in Oregon, however if false information from a credit check is on a background check, the individual must contact the credit reporting agency. Background Check in Oregon Sophie Wright. Oregon Background Check A background check is a great way to learn more about a person.

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Unofficial background checks are great for finding out more about: Neighbors Friends Enemies Roommates Love Interests Classmates Questionable Family Members Oregon allows anyone to request a background check on any resident of Oregon. The Oregon Public Records Act ensures that documents created by government agencies in Oregon are available to the public. Along with laws requiring open meetings by government agencies, Oregon provides access to most records. Oregon is a ban the box state and it is illegal for employers to ask about criminal history until at least the first interview.

State law regulates what records are available to employers, and restricts time limits on how far in the past employers may search. Employers are forbidden from using credit history checks except in narrowly defined ways. Oregon Data Repository Oregon has several sites for data storage. Oregon offers many employment protections for both applicants and employees, including equal pay and fair hiring laws used to prevent discrimination. Oregon has not established laws providing rules for employers using background checks.

Recent rulings through the EEOC have indicated that employers should use background checks sparingly and should understand that any adverse hiring decision may not be entirely as a result of a criminal conviction. Firearm Background Checks Oregon. Oregon requires a background check on all firearms purchases, including those made between private citizens. The background check is initiated by telephone to the Oregon State Police and records are checked at both the state and federal level.

Oregon state records will also search mental health records during a firearms purchase background check. Hate Crime in Oregon. Background Checks for Employment. Only then is it acceptable to perform a background check and, if the criminal act disqualifies the applicant, rescind the offer.

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Get a copy of your Oregon criminal record by following instructions on this site. Financial and Civil Reports.

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Mortgage lenders, bankruptcy court judges, immigration officials, employers in financial organizations, military recruiters, and others in positions of authority will seek a copy of your financial background report when you make an application to them. These reports list your residences, jobs, schools, credit cards, loans, civil judgements, and other financial benchmarks over many years. The reports are compiled by Consumer Reporting Agencies, which will also send you a copy of your report if you request it. Checking the report for accuracy is important, as the wrong information can cause you to be rejected for a significant opportunity — also, such a report can indicate evidence of identity theft or fraud, whether someone is using your social security number or has taken out loans in your name.

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The unemployment rate is at its lowest point in a generation at around 3. The affidavits and proof submitted can be rich in details and contain mentions of other family members. If your ancestor ran afoul of the law, criminal records will records his transgressions, along with some personal details that may help you fill in your family tree. Details can include birth date and place, immigration information, sentence, date and place of trial, and more.

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Many people were involved in judicial processes. Your ancestors may have been mentioned in court records as jurists, petitioners, or witnesses.

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