Exsponging your dui record in washington pa

Criminal Record Expungement Eligibility Guidelines

If you qualify for expungement in Minnesota and only certain cases or crimes do , this is mostly what will happen. Not entirely, though. Many people believe that once a crime is expunged, all records of it is gone forever. This, however, is not true. While the general public will not be able to see your past crimes if they are expunged, there are still ways for certain individuals and organizations to access your criminal record.

How to Get a DUI Record Expunged in Pennsylvania

Only public officials or individuals working in criminal justice will be able to access your un-expunged criminal record, and only on occasions where this information is relevant or necessary. What does that mean specifically, though? Below are some of the people or organizations that can look at or bring up your criminal record, even after it has been sealed:. Prosecutors and Judges — Multiple charges can add up over time, and greatly increase the sentences against you upon conviction.

Something very important to understand is that lawyers can bring up your criminal past even if you are not the defendant.

Your Record Can Bring Long-Lasting Consequences

For example, if you are a witness giving testimony in a criminal or civil trial, the lawyer on either side may use your criminal past against you as a way to impugn your character and call into question the validity of your testimony. Unfortunately, Minnesota still allows some employers to see your criminal record if they hold a public position. The following employers will have access to your criminal record if they are considering you for a position:.

Professional Agencies — If you are applying for a license to practice a certain profession, your expunged record may limit you there as well. Your chances at getting a pharmaceutical license, for example, will be pretty slim if you have some drug-related offenses hidden behind your sealed record.

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Even though your criminal record is not completely destroyed, expungement will be able to help you move forward after an arrest or conviction. Minnesota wants to help out offenders who have served their time and have a desire to be a productive member of society.

Record Sealing and Expungement

The state repository will then circulate the order for expungement to every other law enforcement agency that has previously received the information that is the subject of the order. It is important to make sure that your criminal record is otherwise clean and that no other charges are pending.

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  • When you petition the court for expungement you must remember to include your full name, date of birth, social security number, what charges were brought against you, the case's docket number, and the offense tracking number and the disposition of the case. If you do not include all this information it will be dismissed, otherwise you can proceed with the expungement process.

    Pennsylvania record expungement Pennsylvania has expungement laws that help people who received a summary offense, Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition ARD or had an arrest that did not lead to a conviction.

    How to Expunge a DUI - Washington DUI Lawyers

    Our free eligibility check is your first step toward clearing your record. Expungement What is Expungement? Record Sealing What is Record Sealing? Pardons What is a Governor's Pardon?

    Clemency or Reprieve What is a State Clemency?