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However, rather than possess vehicle, this special RV sharing system will make people enjoy the RVs travel based on a rental and sharing system. As a new concept, it will not break the existing Chinese transportation system. The benefit of using shipping container as the RV's body is because it has been a mature system for both manufacturing and transporting from a long term.

More importantly, we cannot neglect the reality that currently China is the biggest manufacturing base of shipping container around the world, which will bring the cost and manufacturing advantages. Meanwhile, as a kind of green design trend, the house built by shipping container has been a quite popular topic in architectural design field.

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However, transforming the shipping container to RVs will be a new challenge for industrial design. Another issue is to build a good rental system to suit Chinese living standard and s purchasing habits. Therefore this design strategy will provide a brand new model for Chinese RVs travelling.

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The design process of the project includes four main stages, such as sketching, body storming, mock-up and prototype making, which are involved with new design tools and studio-based methods to make this design practice going smoothly. Particularly in the conceptual sketching, there were two types Wacom digital tools used in the stage: Inkling and Cintiq 22HD, which provided a great experience in this concept design.

From the specific point of view, the benefits are below: Inkling. It is a smart device that enables designers to start off artwork the traditional way, and also enhance professional workflow by capturing digital data while sketching with a ball-pen on normal paper. Inkling is an indispensable tool for quick drawing. Especially during the process of interview with the RVers, with the Inkling, designer can draw and communicate the idea simultaneously. Moreover, all strokes are recorded electronically, which can be imported as raster or vector artwork in to preferred graphics application for further editing.

Cintiqs are designed to replicate the traditional experience of working with conventional tools such as pens, markers, brushes, canvas and paper, photographic exposure retouching tools, or sculpting tools and clay, while at the same time allowing users to work with all of the power and flexibility of advanced creative software applications. It provides me the best experience of digital drawing, and the efficiency.

Body storming and prototyping making were both the key parts of the RVs design research. Compare with Western RV, there are many major difference in terms of interior of Chinese RV, such as kitchen, living room, and entertainment area. Through the rapid mock-up making and body storming, some important ergonomics dimensions are well tested and record, which make industrial designer to clarify the important information for next steps.

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During this process, with the help of Adobe Photoshop, designer can clearly demonstrate more possibilities and potentials. And then those rough ideas will be well transferred to next stage of refining design. In addition, with the CAD model by Solidworks software, all the outcomes from ex-research was converted to 3D model with more accurate details.

This modeling process with Solidworks helps designers to make the further application of different materials and structures, and also offer more possibilities to finalise the design details.

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More importantly, with this CAD model, a good communication platform has been built between designers and engineers, which would promote a smooth development for next manufacturing. Moreover, images rendering by Keyshot will further inspire the enthusiasm both from designers and engineers. This research finally gained the support from Chinese manufacturing. The case study is a research into the Chinese RVs market and lifestyle, which is based on collaboration between China and Australia Universities.

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The research exhibits cross-cultural design research approaches and demonstrates latest design software, hardware technique as well. The design methods involved in this research embodied the idea of practice-based design methods through a series of computer-aided design and prototype making. Skip to Main Content. Search in: This Journal Anywhere. Advanced search. Journal homepage. Ethan Wang Monash University Correspondence ethan. Pages SS Published online: 18 Jul The improvement in demand for travel trailers will be less dramatic since sales were better supported over the recession, as these types are typically more affordable than self-propelled versions.

Trailers are also available in a variety of sizes and styles amenable to those seeking more basic accommodations and those wanting home-like amenities on the road. Sales of conversion vehicles, however, are projected to continue a long term downward trend in light of competition from class B motor homes and the availability of many similar features in conventional vans and sport utility vehicles. Gains in value terms will outperform those in unit terms for all types of recreational vehicles as prices continue to rise.

Much of the rebound in sales will continue to be supported by the high-end market as more affluent consumers demonstrate ongoing preference for recreational vehicles with high-tech accessories and more home-like amenities. It presents historical demand data for , and , and forecasts for and by product e.

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Wood and tents were mostly used. Some were even hooked up with telegraphs and electric lights. Gypsy Van. It weighed 8 tons and had an interior like an English manor house. Ford house car. It had wicker chairs, bookcases, a refrigerator and sink as well as electric stove. It even had a septic tank. This decade saw manufacturers begin to make travel trailers.

The smallest were tiny and the largest were huge. Aero Car.

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In the same year the clipper, manufactured by the Airstream Trailer Co with its riveted aluminum, resembling an airplane could sleep four and carried a supply of water. The jungle yachts had a dining car, bar, two bedrooms and lighting as well as a telephone. The same company built a 50ft 5th wheel that was a semi-trailer and included an observation deck, wine cellar and all the latest conveniences.

It was sold to an Indian Maharaja. After the war was over, manufacturers again began to create innovative house cars that changed the future of RVing almost instantly. They had mahogany interiors, bathrooms, a refrigerator, stove and air conditioners. Newly enlisted men and their families were housed in these trailers. In , a fascinating motor home was built on the chassis of a Chevrolet. Chevy Motorhome. The Shore land Tandem Town and Country was a 30 foot long trailer with electric fixtures and 3 rooms.

In , Flxible Bus Company began manufacturing custom coaches. Terraced, upstairs, downstairs models with separate private bedrooms were not uncommon in response to the interest created. The executive flagship built in was 65 feet long and weighed 18 tons.

It had 10 wheels and was equipped with two bathrooms, wall to wall carpeting and a 21 inch TV. It had a portable pool and diving board. It could sleep 8 people. In , the first pop up truck camper was made and five years later, production began of this unit. This early RV was manufactured by Anheuser-Busch. The camper was designed by Samuel B. It was sold in a completely knocked down kit that could be shipped anywhere in the country. It was forest green and a number of them are still available today.