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Djou became the first Republican in nearly 20 years to win a congressional seat from his state, and he seemed to recognize that his political future was anything but secure. Djou said Sunday he may take the oath of office as early as Tuesday. Djou also says he'd like to snag the Armed Services Committee and Committee on Natural Resources assignments that were held by his predecessor, Democrat Neil Abercrombie, who resigned in February to run for governor. At a Honolulu press conference Sunday, he said holding the seat in November will require "an enormous amount of hard work" and "a good message of fiscal responsibility that connects with the voters.

That's the only way I've ever run. Djou will replace Neil Abercrombie, a term Democrat who resigned to run for governor. The victory was a consolation prize of sorts for national Republicans, who lost a special election in Pennsylvania last week that both parties had said was something of a bellwether for the fall. A week ago, GOP officials had confidently predicted they would win both races in a demonstration of their political strength five months before the fall elections.

Instead, the loss of the seat for the final few months of the late Rep. Consider it a smart move by the Seahawks who will meet San Francisco in Dec. Will they grill Daniels extensively- CIA style- to get that advantage that their advance scouts cannot get? Arena fans may recall that Portland was once an entry in the AFL with a nickname that sounded weird- the Forest Dragons.

A name that seemed like it was derived from children's literature. Hope they come up with a mature name like KISS, maybe even more sensual.

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Got any ideas? A very good choice, as Arena fans will recall he was twice named Assistant Coach of the Year. Don't know anybody in any pro league that can claim that. Prior to this game, he had 7 catches for 66 yards but five of those receptions went for TD's.

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Not bad for a rookie that was passed over in the draft because he couldn't block. But he sure can catch. The Lions were smart to project him as a "Red Zone Specialist" at 6'7" tall, a certain mismatch. Although the club did not specify the exact violation, a rumor surfaced that it was due to smoking marijuana.

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Montgomery and Jefferson denied this, saying it was cigars. Teams are always searching to improve their teams, and the Raiders are anxious to improve their unexpected record. This is a rather large group to bring in at one time. He was a "bust" but opportunity knocks twice- the read option and the spread opens up a need for his talent. If you ask, "Who are they? To find out, just log onto www. The results are in. Take a look at www. That's an amazing accomplish-ment as the odds on making the man roster is overwhelming. Most of the teams bring in undrafted rooks as "camp bodies", nothing else.

Only a few, like two or three, actually make the active squad, to augment the draft class which usually stays intact. The New England Patriots had the largest number of undrafted rookies- seven 7 and with their seven draft choices, led all NFL teams with 14 rookies. The Pats have an undrafted rookie as a starter at TE, Zack Sudfeld, all of him, which might magnify Hernandez' absence.

Actually, Sudfeld is holding down the position until Rob Gronkowski recovers from injury. Manuel of the Bills making their debut as starters.

This is amazing when you consider that it was not a draft year that was blessed with can't miss QB's. Both Smith and Manuel may have been helped by injuries to the expected starters, Sanchez of the Jets and the Bills' Kolb. Banjo is not a class of prospect. He's a holdover from last year. Just take a look at his pro journey in www.

He went to two mini-camps in and was not signed. Then he went to this year's Super Regional Combine in Dallas. Jacksonville saw some potential and signed him. In camp, the Jags cut him. Green Bay picked him up to fill out their camp roster.

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The rest is history. What do you call his character: Determination? Once a player is signed to the squad, he actually becomes a free agent, meaning that another team can sign him, as long as that player goes on their active roster. So, here's the story: Seattle released WR Chris Harper surprising cut as he was a draftee and inked him to the squad. As soon as he was officially noted, the hated rival San Francisco 49ers signed him. If you know the Carroll-Harbaugh volatile relationship, you would quickly think it was a transactions for the 49ers to get an edge.

Harper was secured to get valuable information on the Seahawks' scheme. Sounds like de-briefing is now in progress. Most coaches will minimize such tactics and refer it to as an overblown situation. Some day, Chris Harper will let us know- after the Seahawks lose their series with the Niners. Chicago Rush and Utah Blaze. Both teams could not honor the AFL mandate that they must sign a two-year commitment to play. Chicago and Utah showed early signs of folding when they could not obtain new leases for their home arenas.

The Milwaukee Mustangs, who went dark in , were supposed to return next year but nothing has come forward as of yet. They should bring a new kind of entertainment to the indoor game because of their affiliation with the real rock group KISS. While ownership has its ups and downs, the players are getting more respect as "football players".

The so- called football purists debunk their ability on the half-sized field. Take a look at their contributions to the NFL. Now they are on the NFL man active roster.

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  8. Some are on the practice squads. True, many of them are signed as "camp bodies" but a few are NFL caliber players. However, Tebow still receives a lot of attention.

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    7. Recently, a small group in Jacksonville set up a demonstration to seek his services for the Jaguars. If I were a Jaguar fan, I would feel desperate, too. A phenomenal offer came by the way of Russia. The owner of the Moscow based American football team, the Black Storm, reportedly offered Tebow one million dollars to play two games. It was refused. Then, Los Angeles' new Arena team entry, the L.

      KISS tendered a three-year contract with "an opportunity to make millions".