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If the individual or business has listed the phone number on a website or social media profile, it's possible to find the name that belongs to the number. If the number is an number or you think it's spam or telemarketers, you can search sites like notes.

If you're unable to find the number online using a reverse or Google search, you can always try calling the number back and asking who it belongs to. If the individual or business has a voice mail, you may be able to find out who the number belongs to without having to talk with anyone.

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Spy Dialer see Resources will call the telephone number's voice mail directly, giving you the option of hearing the voice mail or looking up the name for free. This will bypass the need to talk to anyone and help you remain anonymous at the same time. If you're still unable to find the owner of a telephone number after using free services, you can try to run a search using sites like Intelius and Instant Checkmate. Although these providers do charge for the service, you'll have a better chance of finding accurate results.

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I mean really, there are literally thousands of searches every day on all the various search engines from individuals trying to get free cell phone number reverse look up information. There is no such thing as a free reverse cell phone directory. And, if there were, the data would be junk. The only way to really find an accurate name or address from a cell phone number is to hire a professional. Yeah, there are some web sites like a1peoplesearch. And, granted, they have some cell phone info albeit rare. There are also dozens of web sites that are link farms or offer low prices and no customer service.

Going back to my stats from search engines like Google, I thought it would be interesting for people to see just how many people are searching the following phrases in a 24 hour period. This is a list of terms related to cell phone search phrases performed in Google in August with the projected number of times the search was requested in a 24 hour period:.

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Clearly, there are a lot of people looking for free cell phone information. I truly wish there was a way to deliver accurate information for free. There are dozens, if not hundreds, of companies that warehouse and mine data. Financial institutions sell or share personal information.

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If you really want to keep your cell phone number private, just remember: never use it, never tell anyone your number, never write it down, never put it on business cards, never use it to order pizza, never give it to any business, and so on. You get the idea. Thousands of companies are compensated for all the personal information they sell, trade, or share somehow.

Some private data companies offer free information online. However, the data they typically offer for free is historical or outdated information. Old numbers and outdated information is still viable.

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Also, be sure whoever you hire to conduct your cell phone search requests has a satisfactory Better Business Bureau track record and is a BBB member in good standing. Categories: lookup , phone , BPS. There are very few if any free reverse cell phone search options. Most of the online resources that advertise free reverse cell phone lookup searches really just try to sell you access to a multitude of databases.

Some of these cell phone databases claim to be a cell phone directory but in reality are probably not updated on a regular basis and are just a bunch of cell phone numbers obtained from various resources. I can not search for the information and receive accurate results without being charged.

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Out of curiosity, what method are you currently using to provide us this information? Our investigators do not conduct any illegal searches. We are unaware of any law that prevents someone from obtaining the name and address associated with a cell phone number as of this date. It is illegal to obtain cell phone records like incoming and outgoing calls. But a reverse cell phone lookup does not offer that information.

This is simply a search to see if the investigtor can locate a name and address associated with the phone number you have.

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If you are unsure about what you need or want to discuss your particular case please feel free to call us during support phone hours as posted on our contact us page. Great article on cell phone reverse lookups and privacy issues. Compares reverse phone directory apps to NSA spying technology. True that these reverse lookup number services are a mish-mash of databases, but the most reliable ones are accurate, and give you information that you would otherwise have to dig around quite a bit.

You can also try searching the number with various combinations of dashes, parentheses, spaces and periods in case it was listed in a certain style.

If you still do not have the information you are looking for, take the search to other search engines. A good place to try is social networking sites' built-in search engines.

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The search tactics remain basically the same if you are searching for a phone number for a particular name. You may try different types of queries, for instance "John Doe, phone number" or "Jane Doe, contact. Based on the information you obtained from the free look-up, you can refine your search by location and the person's listed relatives. When searching by someone's name, social networking sites are especially fruitful.