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We have added these new contact options to help improve the response, management and delivery of police services to our community. You should still call Triple Zero immediately if the incident is life-threatening, needs immediate police attendance, a crime is happening now, or an offender is or may be still in the area.

Report online. Call Triple Zero immediately if the incident is life-threatening, needs immediate police attendance, a crime is happening now, or an offender is or may be still in the area. The Police Assistance Line and online reporting have been introduced to greatly improve service delivery by enabling the public to directly connect with Victoria Police regarding non-urgent crimes, events and general police enquiries from any location. In the case of a crime or lost property report, you will receive an acknowledgement which will include support information and a police reference number, either by post or by email, once we have processed your telephone report.

If you call about a matter we are unable to assist with over the phone, you may be referred to your local police station or provided with the details of another agency that can provide the assistance or information you require.

Making inquiries while using service overseas

Calls to the Police Assistance Line will be subject to the carrier rates of your service provider. Contact the Police Assistance Line on if you are unable to access online reporting on the Victoria Police website, or if you need assistance with completing the information online. Menu toggle Menu toggle decoration.

Home Consumer advice Phones and internet. Phone numbers We manage Australia's phone number system.

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As a customer, there are ways you can manage your number. Top services Choose your phone number You can ask for or buy a specific number Learn more. Use phone numbers for fiction We have numbers you can use for the work you publish or broadcast Learn more. Make your phone number more private Telcos are responsible for keeping your phone number private Learn more.

How to trace mobile phone in india - find lost mobile - Telugu

What to do if your number has been stolen There are steps you can take if you think someone stole your number Learn more. Reclaim your phone number from a telco You can ask your telco to reissue your number Learn more.

CommBank app - CommBank mobile phone app

Where your phone number is stored Telstra maintains a secure database of all listed and unlisted public telephone numbers Learn more. Version history. Revision :. Last update:. Updated by:. View article history. Share Facebook Twitter Email Permalink.

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