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The Utah Supreme Court has upheld the double murder conviction of a Beryl man who claimed he shot each victim eight times in self-defense during a fight over drugs. George to Nelson's trailer in rural Iron County on Oct. Nelson was angry at Grijalva, whom he said owed him for some psychedelic mushrooms, and suspicious of Davis, whom he had been told by a friend was a "snitch," court records say. Nelson, now 51, testified at trial that Grijalva was upset by the small amount of meth that Nelson had for him, so Nelson brought out some of his own stash as a peace offering and the trio began to get high.

Nelson said he became angry when Grijalva was handed the pipe and claimed it was empty because that is a common way meth heads steal drugs in a group. When he got up to put away the drugs, Davis and Grijalva attacked him, so he grabbed his. Each man was hit by eight bullets, including an immediately incapacitating shot to the side of each victim's head.

After the shooting, Nelson dumped the bodies in a nearby hole he had been digging for a septic tank, tore up and disposed of the carpet in the trailer, and began dismantling Davis' pickup truck after learning authorities were looking for it, court documents say. Community-based treatment for sex offenders: An evaluation Birmingham, U.

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