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Oftentimes, the penalties for contempt are imposed on a conditional basis.

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The person found in contempt will have an opportunity to comply with the court order. If the order is still violated, then the penalty will be imposed after a second hearing. If you're human leave this blank:. View on Google Maps. Brown Cynthia J. Contempt of Court Attorney in Minnesota When a divorce reaches conclusion, there are many things that have been sorted out by the court, and the parties involved.

What Is Contempt?

Changing Divorce Decrees in Minnesota

In order for a court to make a finding of contempt, the following requirements must be met: The ruling court must have jurisdiction over the case; The party filing the motion for contempt must be able to prove exactly how their ex-spouse failed to perform according to the order of the court; and The party accused of contempt must have the opportunity to show that he or she has complied with the court order. If the party has not complied, then he or she must explain the reasons behind their failure to act.

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The Consequences Of A Contempt Finding If a party is found to be in contempt of court, that party may face a consequence. Penalties for contempt may include: Jail time; Fines; Payment of fees; or Transfer of property interests Oftentimes, the penalties for contempt are imposed on a conditional basis.

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Brown Law Offices, P. A divorce decree is not a suggested course of action. It is a legally binding document. The courts can and will enforce a divorce de c ree against anyone who does not abide by its terms.

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That means a person who refuses to follow the divorce decree can be held in contempt of court and jailed. It is fairly rare for someone to be in a position where having their former spouse go to jail is actually the best solution. Most divorce decrees are violated by the failure to pay child support or alimony, or the failure to share access to the children as per the custody arrangement. For that reason, most courts give people a chance to get back in line with the divorce decree rather than sending them straight to jail.

If your spouse is be hind in payments, he or she may be allowed to make up the missed payments and get back in order. While this opportunity is less satisfying in custody situations, parents who do not share their children properly may get a warning from the court before a change i s ordered. That said, in serious situations, parents have had their custody rights taken away for refusing to grant the other parent proper access. Having a court intervene might not be the best solution for you at first. An innocent mistake could be the cause of the problem.

If you can solve the problem with a friendly, or at least non-hostile, phone call to your ex, that is the route to go.