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But then with favor i was only going to do bike deliveries for them i was fine and cleared the background check. This was in my past I am now in my late 20s with thriving software sales career.

Pre-Trial Intervention (PTI) in South Carolina

I have just received an amazing offer contingent on me passing the background check. Should I be worried? My circumstances are exactly the same as yours in regard to the event you describe. The aftermath and effects on your situation are also exactly as I have felt many times. If I had a do-over one time That dumb ass thing I did has haunted me for years.

I'm a professional engineer and honestly feel like that thing I did has not, in the long term, hindered me.

I work in a public sector job where the political ramifications of doing something dumb can be huge, so I know what I'm talking about. Just be honest about it I told the entire set of facts, truthfully, on every job app where I was asked about my record. It bugged me, but I was will to accept the responsibility for what I did and kept soldiering on.

As you need to, keep at it - don't get down about what you can't change. Also, realize that many, many people have done similarly dumb things but they just didn't get caught. Those people know it, too, and know they could just have easily ended up in your shoes. Keep going, work hard, keep your head down Thomasona in Brooklyn, New York. Cisco in San Leandro, California said: sorry typos this is important so i did it again. This is for CA applicants. Its illegal but whos going to stop them? And with what evidence? They will never explain that in writing.

They will come up with something else, like What if it's in NYC? Can you say no or do you say yes and do you have to notify your employer upon arrest? ABcde in Avondale, Arizona. I have a misdemeanor and I was just hired by Chase Bank. I have mental illness and became aggressive against a man just some stranger and he filed charges against me. I was processed in a mental court. I pleaded no contest, my public defender said that would look better then pleading guilty and if I pleaded innocent that would call for a trial by jury and they would find me guilty and that would look even worse.

My judge was nice, I was going thru a crisis when I did it, I was not in my right mind.

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He only said to take my medication and no jail or probation. My attorney said I could say "no" under have you ever been convicted of a crime. At my current job I passed the background check just fine, but chase did ask for the police report and the disposition. I was really nervous but they answered I was approved to start work with them. So keep up the hope, and just go for it, apply for jobs and just see what they have to say. Gma in Charlotte, North Carolina said: A petition was started a couple days ago in regards to employment exclusions due to misdemeanors that were over 20 years old.

It's been set up initially to obtain signatures to change laws in regards to the financial sector, however, I have received many responses from people saying that they are having the same issue in the nursing and healthcare field.

So we are considering a revision to the petition to include changes to the laws governing licensure for healthcare professionals. If you are interested please go to change. And let me know if you are also interested in adding in a request to have the licensure statutes for nursing changed as well.

Let's all band together and affect change. Our arguments include the fact that no matter what field you work in whether it be blue-collar or white color that you have access to another persons being, home, assets, credit cards, personal information, etc. Or do we want to continue to make them pay for their crimes over and over again and eventually force them to be a drain on society? HasseyLaw in San Diego, California.

Eligibility and Requirements for First-Time-Offender Programs

This information is general information and not legal advice. As a criminal defense attorney in San Diego, California I perform many expungements for clients.

The main question clients ask me is, "if my case was expunged, do I have to tell a potential employer about my conviction? I will do my best to try and keep this short, but this is important information. This is not as clear. Even if your case was dismissed or you were found not-guilty, there is likely still a public record of your 'arrest'. Likelihood a potential employer will see your expunged conviction: Rule of thumb--if an employer requires your finger-prints and your signature releasing your official DOJ crim record, it will likely be found. More info at www. Have you thought about a completely different approach - applying to a social justice agency like Legal Aid, or a drug rehab facility, or Salvation Army, or a soup kitchen, and being completely honest - say what happened, that you learned from it, and that it made you a better person?

Sometimes places that have a strong mission will actually appreciate that you have such a "story" in your life because you can use it to help their clientele of hurting people. David in Astoria, New York. The original post was 4 years ago and things have changed in many states. I don't even think most big companies search for misdemeanors in the background check anymore unless it's a financial company.

Chris C.


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ThatIsNotMyName in Nashville, Tennessee said: Also, unless you're going into finance or something that requires a clean background concerning money, if you go for smaller companies there's less of a change they'll run a background check on you at all in the first place. I was hired at Tj Maxx, helped build the store up which was a month process then hired on as a men's Coordinator and worked that position grand opening.

The next day they pulled me in the office to let me know that I was going to be suspended and most likely terminated due to my criminal record. I had a petty theft charge from and a commercial burglary which is a second petty theft charge in Now to work in retail or for that matter anywhere handling cash petty theft,burglary or any theft charges disqualify you from these positions and are grounds for dismissal.

They told me they had never seen someone get this turned around before but it's worth a shot so we sent off the files to corporate in Boston. On about the 7th day when I was about to be terminated because they have 5 days after receiving the notice to make a decision the decision came back and my managers in shock! I got to stay with the company and was promoted to the customer experience coordinator who handles cash and closes registers and walks money to the back which is mind-blowing considering the theft charges. If you really take the steps necessary and show them the initiative that you want to work and have changed your life it is possible and I really never thought it was until that happened now my background doesn't hinder..

Started repairing my credit 2 weeks ago, and already more score has jumped from Girl Interuppted in Hackensack, New Jersey. Heather in Dayton, Ohio said: I was convicted of a misdemeanor almost 20 yrs ago.

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I got it expunged. JO in Sanford, Florida.

Orlando Criminal Defense Lawyer - What is a Pre-trial Diversion?

Hi, I shoplifted in Walmart, I haven't got to court because it is in 2 weeks. I want my record to be sealed or expunged, what should I do?

Deferred Adjudication / Pretrial Diversion

Should i hire a lawyer I have a tight budget , or go with public attorney? I don't know a lot about this manner, can someone help me on what to do? Nonprofit Girl in Santa Monica, California. I had an expungement done a year or more ago for a misdemeanor that is now, eight years old. I ran a couple of paid background checks and nothing showed up. Nothing in the application asked about criminal past they just said that if the background check was good then all is well.

That being said, I'm now seeing that they will eventually fingerprint me so I want to know if it doesn't show in a background check will it show in fingerprinting? Hey bro, I went through the same exact thing as you. I still feel the regret til this day and this happened way back in Keep your head up. I had an arrest record as a minor grand theft and still shows up on my live scan although the record was expunged.

My coworker had a DUI before they got hired. They disclosed it to our managers before when she was working registry there. We work at a very strict and prestigious hospital top 8 in the nation so it is possible.