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Most popular searched names are shown and searches for people can be done by name and area, address or reverse search by number. - Top Reported Spammers in Portugal

In English. Not technically in Portugal but is a telephone directory servicing the Portuguese community in Ontario, Canada. Search in the commercial or residential sections in English or Portuguese. Reverse lookup also available Ideal for Portuguese expats. Mostly in Portuguese with some English.

Business directory for Portugal with approximately listings. Not totally comprehensive as it relies on the business owner to submit an entry. Telstra ran a reverse charge service called HomeLink during the s and s. Homelink consisted of a number and pin that could only be linked to the user's home phone service.

Calls were billed at a slightly higher cost than a standard local call.

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HomeLink grew out of popularity with the rise in mobile phones. In Brazil, reverse calls are available for every land or mobile line call.

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All local reverse calls must be started by dialing and the desired phone number. There is not a simple way to call a number in the USA or make a reverse charge call for free in India.

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In early a private tech company launched services to enable a person to make an overseas reverse charge call. The number is A collect call can be made through any mobile in Pakistan by dialing a prefix of 11 before entering in the desired number. It offers reverse charge calls from any fixed line phone, pay phone and most mobile phones even if the prepaid credit has run out , to most fixed land line and mobile phones in the Republic of Ireland.

Eircom offered national and international reverse charge calling services until 24 February In the UK , a number of services offer reverse charge calling. Reverse charge calls can be made for free on some mobile networks, although the person being contacted via this service may be charged a considerable amount for accepting such a call.

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It is generally possible to make a collect call from a landline by dialing "0" and following automated prompts or using operator assistance. The receiving party must agree to the charges usually after being informed of the name of the caller before the call can continue normally.

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In general, customers can configure their landline or cell phone account to block attempted collect calls. Because the name of the caller is given before charges are accepted, it is possible to communicate a simple message for free by giving an agreed-upon name or simply using the call to synchronize an action e.

This is, however, considered toll fraud and can be prosecuted, although in most cases it is probably unlikely the person could be caught. Verizon terminated the ability to receive collect calls on its landlines in Prior to the introduction of the toll-free area code in , Zenith numbers in the U.

In the United Kingdom, Freefone numbers provided this service. It allows international reverse charge calls to be made back to fixed land lines in the United Kingdom. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification.

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