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It involves filling out as many as 10 or more court forms, including the Financial Statements, which can be particularly unclear and cumbersome.


For many people, this process means hiring a lawyer and paying thousands of dollars. These costs must be balanced against the possible benefit to a person of a child support modification. A Whether you and the other parent are working together to change the child support amount.

Attorney Rueschemeyer accepts cases that use this process, and she will mediate them. B Whether just one of you is using the court to request an increase or decrease in child support amount. In other words, one of you is suing the other to change the child support.

The DOR process is described here. A The child support modification process if you are working together to modify the child support amount. The state will pay your fees for you if any one of the following three situations is true:. To request that the state pay your court fees, you must fill out an Affidavit of Indigency. In this form you check the boxes for the reasons why you cannot pay.

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If you do not receive public assistance or fall below the household income limits shown above, but paying the fees is still too much for you, you must fill out another form showing that you are poor and cannot afford the fees: Supplement of Affidavit of Indigency. This 3-page form asks questions about your education, income, debts, any disabilities, and what you own. You should file in the same family law court where you would file for divorce—in the county where you last lived together.

If both of you have moved out of that county, you can file in a MA county where one of you now lives. After you have filed the papers in court, you have 90 days to tell your spouse about the case you have filed for support.

Massachusetts Divorce Forms

Often these papers are delivered to you spouse by a sheriff. The judge can even order the transfer or sale of a house that you or your spouse owns. You just need to print it and sign it and take it to the Family Court that made the child support order that you wish to modify. This is an important step because child support modification orders are retroactive to the day when the other parent is served with this Complaint for Modification form.

Although you will need to fill out other forms see above , they are not required until later in the process. You can get the process started right now by simply answering these questions and printing out the. On this form, you identify the exact date of the judgment or temporary order that you want to modify and include a copy of that order with the form.

You specify which part s of the order that you want to modify and give reasons for the modification. In this form you also answer questions about past due child support; receipt of public assistance; and involvement in DCF or domestic violence cases. If either parent or a dependent child currently receives public assistance or owes past-due child support that is being handled by the MA state DOR Child Enforcement Arm, a DOR official must sign this form, agreeing to accept the proposed modification.

Agreement Form CJD This is a form in which you spell out the terms of your agreement. If the request is to change child support to an amount that deviates from Guideline support or if the agreement terminates child support for a child who has reached 18, special explanations must be included in the agreement. On this form you simply fill in your names, date on which you are filing the paper work, and the county in which you are filing. The judge uses this form to record their eventual decision on the case. Financial Statements. Each party must fill out a financial statement, which records information about income, expenses, debts, and assets.

Financial Statements should be printed on pink paper. Fill out this form only if the individual has business income or income from self-employment. Fill out this form only if the individual has income from rent producing property.

Learn about the forms and procedures necessary to file for divorce in Massachusetts.

This form is very confusing to fill out; you can use the online child support calculator on this site, which is much clearer, to automatically fill it in for you. Affidavit Disclosing Care or Custody Proceeding.

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If the parenting plan, visitation, or custody is being modified as part of this child support modification, each parent may need to fill out this form, which lets the court know whether there are any previous or on-going care or custody cases in family court that involve the child. In this 1-page form, you give details of the original court ordered child support that you wish to modify, you state your reasons for needing modification, and you describe the new, modified amount of child support that you want ordered.

Here is a sample, filled-out Complaint for Modification form with explanations about how to fill it out.

How to File for Divorce in Massachusetts: With Forms (Self-Help Law Kit With Forms)

As soon as you get the Complaint for Modification filled out, bring it to the court and you can get the child support modification process started. Bring this Complaint for Modification form to the court where your existing child support order was made. The summons may look like this sample summons form. This means they must be delivered to the other parent in a special way, usually by a sheriff.

Make sure to keep copies of documents for yourself. That parent then has 20 days to respond, in writing, to the Complaint. They can agree with the request to modify child support, or they can fight it and tell a very different story than you. Their written response should be sent to the court and to you. That parent can ask for an extension beyond 20 days.

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