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The information here is fairly complete for the s, but very spotty in other decades.

The completeness of my coverage diminishes beyond a radius of about miles from New Haven, CT. The line listings are based on the idea that whenever the content coverage area or page size of a telephone book changes significantly from one year to the next, it gets a new line. In those cases, the new line is blank in column 1, to indicate a sort of continuation. It's far from perfect, but it's the best catalogue I can offer for telephone books of those states.

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MD B3 0 Prince Frederick, etc. MD B3 0 Annapolis, etc.

Blank line denotes ditto same as preceding line. First letter indicates the telephone system to which the company belongs Bell System, General System, etc. A figure appears after the dash only if the book has definitely been discontinued. Most of the dates just represent the earliest or latest book I've seen. No duplication allowed. If the other side has a lawyer, papers are only served at the address listed by the lawyer on the legal papers. Some legal papers, like motion papers , have time limits about when they have to be mailed.


Whenever legal papers are served, proof of this has to be given to the court by Filing an Affidavit of Service. If legal papers are not delivered the way the law says the papers may not count. For example, the Court may not read opposition papers to a motion if the papers were not served. If papers starting a case are not delivered the right way the defendant or respondent can tell this to the Court in the Answer or on the court date. This is a defense to the case.

The defendant or respondent can ask the Court to dismiss the case for bad service. See Common Examples of Bad Service.

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If the Judge decides that the service is bad, the case is over. But, the plaintiff or petitioner can start the case again. Look up case info.

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Skip to Main Content. Starting a Case If legal papers are not served the right way when a case is started, the Judge may make the party starting the case start all over again. Personal delivery.

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The papers are handed to the defendant or respondent. This is the easiest way to serve papers. Papers can be handed to the other side anywhere. The attempt to serve the papers should not be made on a person's religious observance days. In New York City for many Housing Court cases, papers should be served between in the morning and at night.

Substituted delivery. Papers are left with someone else to give to the defendant or respondent and copies of the papers are mailed.