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My Verizon app - Change Mobile Number Notes: Ensure your app is up to date as the following steps apply to the most recent version.

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For all other devices, visit verizonwireless. Available settings vary based on user type e. Tap the Menu icon upper-left then tap Devices. Tap Manage below the applicable mobile number. From the 'Manage' tab, tap Change Mobile number. May require scrolling down.

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From the 'What's your ZIP code? Tap the 'Phone number' dropdown icon to choose the first 6 digits of your new number then tap Next. Using auto-lock in conjunction with a password ensures others cannot easily access your device, even when left unattended.

For more information on auto-lock settings, check your device's user manual. Avoid installing unofficial versions of popular apps and apps from unknown developers.

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  6. Read app reviews and check app permissions, making sure the permissions granted are necessary for the app to function. OS updates often contain new security features and important patches.

    More businesses choose Verizon than any other wireless carrier.

    Be sure to install OS updates when prompted. For more information on available updates for your device, check our Advanced Devices - Software Updates page. Public Wi-Fi networks generally don't include security, leaving the data on your phone unprotected. When conducting mobile banking transactions or making online purchases, either switch to mobile data or wait until you can connect to a trusted, secure Wi-Fi network. Always log out of financial or shopping sites after you view sensitive data or make a payment, and don't store passwords on your device.

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    Bluetooth and Wi-Fi allow you to connect to other devices and networks, but they can also leave your device open to unwanted connections. Be sure to only connect to trusted devices and secured networks, and settings off when you aren't using them. Your mobile device has similar vulnerabilities to a computer when it comes to suspicious communications and phishing. Don't open, tap on or reply to anything that looks suspicious. Beware of messages that look as if they're coming from a legitimate entity or person but have a generic greeting, ask you to verify personal or account information and include a false sense of urgency.

    If you receive an email that seems fraudulent, you can send it to phishing verizonwireless. If you receive a suspicious text message, you can forward it to Verizon Corporate Security from your device and then delete it. Learn more about phishing.


    Location tracking services are typically used by apps to deliver personalized, location-based information, including driving directions, traffic updates, and local weather. While these services are often useful, leaving location tracking on may allow others to know where you are and your location history.

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    For instructions on turning off location tracking, visit your device's user manual. Apple and App Store are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. Securing Your Mobile Devices.

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    About securing your device If you're a smartphone or tablet user chances are there's a lot of personal information stored on your device. Secure your screen with a strong password Your device may have a variety of options to secure the screen, which can include a 4-digit PIN , a finger swipe pattern and even facial recognition. The features of a strong password are: At least 8 random characters A variety of character types including letters, numbers and symbols Avoid using dictionary terms and personal information that's commonly known or can be easily guessed, like a family member's name or birthday.